Camp Kits

Camp Kits

Our Museum Camp Kits have been a popular way for kids to enjoy activities at home from the museum! Past kits include Farm Festival, History Hunters, Inventors & Makers, Classic Camp & Curious Curators, Grow Something Good & Things That Go! and Community Builders. We also release a Halloween Camp Kit & a Gingerbread Barn  Raising kit so keep your eyes open for those around holidays.


Current Camp Kits

Barnyard Fun!

The “Barnyard Fun” Museum Camp Kit is available! The kit contains the instructions and materials needed for 2 engaging activities per day for 5 days. Throughout these 10 activities you will learn about various farm animals, farm animal care, and how our local farms contribute to the greater community. If this sounds like something your kiddo would love to do, order today

*Please ensure you are available to pick up your kit at the museum before purchasing.*

We reserve the right to dispose of any abandoned Camp Kits without refund.

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 Camp Kit


Community Builders

Are you looking for something fun and engaging to do with your kids ? We’ve got you covered! In this STEAM based kit you will learn about all of the wonderful people who live, work in and make up a community. People who grow food, build things, take care of people, teach, & fix things all play an important role and keep a community going!

Each week day your kiddo will have 2 hands-on, engaging activities to do for a total of 10 activities included in the kit!

Kits cost $45  and curbside pickup is available at the museum. Once you have purchased your kit we will email you to arrange a time.

Questions? Email

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Community Builders

Things That Go! 

The Things that Go Museum Summer Camp Kit is available! This kit includes everything you need to have a stay-at-home camp experience. The kit includes instructions and materials for 10 activities. Things That Go box is for kiddos who are interested in Trains, Boats, Rockets and Cars! Things that go pop, things that spin, things that float, things that twist & things that launch! 

*Please ensure you are available to pick up your kit at the museum ordering! If you 'd like yours shipped, please send an email to the museum at*

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