Metcalfe Fairgrounds Barn Quilt Collective: South Block




Christine (Rowan) Tierney “The Sunflower”: Christine is a Director of the MAS and she chose the sunflower as a symbol of loyalty & longevity. Her quilt is dedicated to all of our fair patrons, past, present, and future, for their continued support. With our ever-growing community, we can continue to enjoy the World's Fair for many years to come.



Cheryl A. Cooper The “Cooper-McEwen Star” is a miniature version of the barn quilt located on their farm Heather Crest, south of Metcalfe. It represents her husband's family, the McEwens, who arrived in Osgoode Township in 1830 and her family, the Coopers, who arrived in 1832; two of the oldest founding families. The colours are taken from the family tartans. Cheryl has been a Director with the MAS for over twenty years and followed in her Mom Doris' footsteps. This block is dedicated to the memory of Doris A. Cooper, who was a MAS Family Division member for ~30 years. She was the Chair of the Homecraft Division and was known to always be the one who climbed the ladder to hang the quilt displays in the Family Pavilion. 



1st Metcalfe Girl Guides. “Reach for the Sky” is dedicated to Girl Guides which support girls in their journey to reach their full potential. Not only do the girls learn skills they can use for the rest of their lives, they are also encouraged to "reach for the sky" in finding their true interests. The colours of the balloons represent each branch of girls within the organization.



Erika Morris, Bruce Bourgeault & Family “Golden Valley”: Erika painted this quilt block to represent the area south of Metcalfe where she and her family live… their wee slice of heaven. The sun rays represent their family; one for each member that lives in the Golden Valley. She would like to dedicate her quilt block to future fairgoers; as an avid educator in our community Erika missed the wonderment and excitement in the wee ones this year.



Claudia (Waddell) Pekary  “County Fair” was the first block that Claudia painted and she chose this pattern because it seemed a fitting choice for the fairgrounds. She used the colours of black, grey, taupe and yellow because she was choosing to be thrifty using what she had on hand from other exterior projects around home. However, Claudia also used these colours because they represented the grey, cloudy, rainy and cold weather we seem to always get at the start of fair weekend. 



Meredith (Gilbert) Brophy “Entwined Star”: This block was painted with a green background, representing our agricultural heritage, and honouring Meredith's favourite Irishman, son Conor Brophy (March 17, 1985 – March 20, 2010). The entwined star points are painted in the Fair colours of blue and gold, plus red representing our Family Division



Joanne (Ladouceur) Cummings "Harmony Star": This quilt block is dedicated to Joanne's father, Maurice J Ladouceur. Her inspiration for colours came from her father, who founded M J Ladouceur Co. Ltd in 1965; which is still in operation today serving dairy farmers in the community. The company is currently owned and operated by his son, Denis and Grandson, Peter. Born at Casselman, Ontario in 1925 Maurice moved back into the area in the late 1950s and started a dairy farm in Kenmore to raise his family. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he purchased a milk transport in 1965 which comprised of 1 bulk tank truck and 4 can trucks and eventually started painting the trucks in red with black and white lettering. During his active years in the area, Maurice was involved in the Metcalfe Lions Club, the Metcalfe Curling Club and contributed to the Metcalfe Fire Department with the donation of a water tanker. He also had a passion for race horses and started Winchester Harmony Stables in the 1980's which also sported the colours red, black and white. One of his favorite colts born at the farm was named "Harmony Star" in 1994.



Leigh Stacey “Our Amazing Village”: This quilt block was designed to represent our amazing village: Blue for our beautiful skies, red for the amazing fall colours, black for the craziness that is COVID 2020 and silver to wrap it all up and to remind you to never stop shining! It is dedicated to all Osgoode Ward Residents and volunteers to celebrate our favourite time of year, the Metcalfe Fair.



Lauren Lafrance's “John Deere Green” was inspired by her visits to the Antique Division Display at the Metcalfe Fair. It is dedicated in memory of her Poppa, Richard Lafrance. He loved his “Johnny Poppers”.



Elliott Family “Life Lessons from Sweet Corn”: Most people would agree that 2020 wasn’t exactly a banner year but despite the negatives, this family chose to focus on the positives. The biggest positive was the extra time they got to spend together as a family. During this bonus time, they decided to teach their kids about where food comes from and how much work goes into producing it by growing sweet corn. The kids learned every aspect of farming sweet corn: picking stones and branches out of the field prior to planting, helping paint signs, picking corn, taste testing our harvest, setting up the corn stand each day and taking it down each night, selling corn at the stand and excitedly taking payment from our lovely customers.  The colours in the quilt square match the colours of the signs they made for the corn stand. They are also the only paint colours they had on hand that met the requirements for the barn quilt signs. Parents Natalie and Mark dedicate this quilt block to their hard-working three little farmers, Quinn, Blake, and Claire Elliott. 



Sarah Lafrance “Honey Bee Quilt” one of the many displays in the Homecrafts Division, includes local honey. Sarah is proud to be a local, Metcalfe, backyard beekeeper.  The red square in the centre of the block, represents the hearth and home of the beehive.



Michel Gauthier “Fall Sunny day in Metcalfe”:  The design takes cues from the 1967 Canada Centennial celebration logo. The colour palette was fall inspired which makes people look forward to the Metcalfe Fair. This quilt block is dedicated to Mike and Kasey Lepage and all the Metcalfe Fair volunteers.



Tanya, Keely & Francis Zandbelt “Dutch Girl Barn Quilt” painted by Zandbelt Family represents their family’s Dutch heritage and includes orange tulips, the blue & gold MAS colours and the colour red for Uncle George Zandbelt’s Case IH. The block is dedicated to the memory of Wilma Zandbelt, who passed away during the midst of Covid.  A flower lover, she was always an active exhibitor and volunteer in the Family Division. It is also dedicated to the memory of Harold McNeely aka “Big Lad”; long time MAS Director, 4-H Leader and someone who loved his beef cattle. 



Erin, Dennis & Gregory Merkley “The James-Merkley Star” painted in the design of the Western Virginia star and contains Metcalfe Fair colours. It is dedicated to both the James and Merkley families, long-time volunteers with the MAS, including Stewart James Sr. Past President.



Steve Lafrance “Nature’s Autumn Splendor”:  What more can you say? Steve has been a long-time Director with the MAS and he has engaged his family into his volunteer work around the Fair. We thank the Lafrance family for their inspiration and passion to complete this community barn quilt project.



Meredith Brophy “Folded Corner” block was painted in the Fair colours of blue and gold, as well as green for agriculture and 4-H, and red to represent our red-jacketed Family Division members. Dedicated to all Fair volunteers – past, present, and those who are now watching over us.