Genealogical and Local Research

Genealogical & Local Research

The Osgoode Township Museum offers a wide variety of resources for researchers.   These resources include, but are not limited to, transcribed oral histories, census records, church, school, and tax records, maps, and biographies and local histories. Many of these documents and publications are not available anywhere else.

Records are only available onsite unless otherwise specified.

Simple information requests that can be completed with less than 15 minutes of staff time will be free of charge.

For more complex requests, we recommend contacting the museum in advance, via phone (613-821-4062) or email (  You can also complete the Research Request Form and send it via email to our research team. 

Research in Person

Archival Access:

Researchers visiting the museum have the option to pay $10 per day for unassisted research or to purchase a yearly membership for $25 which allows for unlimited access to the research area.

Assisted Research:

The non-member rate for assisted research is a flat rate of $25. More in-depth research requests will be subject to additional fees.

The member rate for assisted research is a flat rate of $15.

Payment of this fee does not guarantee staff will locate information requested.  Researchers are advised to contact the museum to determine if there is relevant information available and to book an appointment with staff.

In-Person Photocopies:

The member rate for copies is 10 cents per copy (black and white), and 25 cents (colour).

The non-member rate for copies is 25 cents per copy (black and white), and 50 cents (colour).

High-Resolution Image Scans:

$5.00 per image

Please note a Photo Usage Agreement Form is to be completed upon requesting image(s). 

Researchers should be aware that some records may not be immediately available for their use.  Access to records may be restricted for the following reasons:

-Personal Information Protection Act

-Restrictions placed on a collection by the donor

-records are too fragile or damaged to be handled or copied

Long Distance Research Requests:

Same pricing structure as assisted research

Please allow 7-14 days for a response.  Research will begin once payment is received.  Any mailing costs are additional to fees for research.  Any broad or unclear research questions will not be answered. When making your request, please be very specific in what you are looking for.  This will increase the chances of finding pertinent material and decrease the time and cost for all involved. No tasks will be completed without the consent of the individual requesting the information.