School Programs

School Programs

Educational Programs at the Osgoode Township Museum

Rent a Classroom Kit!


School Age Learners:

This kit is designed to give students an up close look at real artefacts and begin thinking about why museums collect objects, how to observe objects in detail and use those findings to discover what an object could be. The kits are a small plastic tote that include everything you need including a teacher guide with curriculum links, two books to read as a class, objects to discover together, and worksheets.

You can use this kit in two ways. You can divide students into 10 groups allowing each group some time with one object or you can discuss objects as a group and allow students to work independently on the object of their choice afterwards. 


Young Learners:

Everything in this kit is intended for young learners in Preschool and Kindergarten and there are step by step instructions included that will walk you through the entire lesson. The kit is a small plastic tote that includes objects to discover together, two books about museums to read as a class, and the materials for a craft activity.

In this lesson participants will identify 2 main themes:

  • -People from long ago did things differently
  • -Museums are a fun place to learn new things

For more information about the school kits, contact the museum's Education Officer:

Online resources:

The Osgoode Museum offers Online Discovery Kits! Kits are intended for teachers delivering the Ontario Curriculum to Grades 3 & 4, but can be a fun interactive experience for many other ages and groups. Building with Boyd Blocks focuses on settler trades and how those workers would have built up the community around them. It dives into the history of the famous Boyd Bros. of Osgoode and uses examples of images from the museum's collection to show the different styles of block. Students will have the opportunity to complete interactive worksheets, quizing them on their new knowledge of settler trades, and a fun activity building a Boyd Block house on Google Slides!
This online Discovery Kit can be added as an assignment on your Google Classroom and is best viewed in Desktop mode on a computer. 

Discovery Kit: Building with Boyd Blocks

Boyd Block Machine


Please do not hesitate to contact us to book your next program, or to request additional information.  It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have, and we would be happy to assist you with the selection of a museum workshop to suit your specific needs.   


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