Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail 

2023 Call for Barn Quilts - Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail

Deadline - September 30, 2023

Barn quilts are large outdoor painted replicas of quilt blocks installed on barns. You can find them dotted along the countryside in many communities of Ontario. 

What barn quilts can do:

- Barn quilts draw attention to Canada’s disappearing rural landscape
- Rural communities find a way to get themselves on the map & connect with travelling public
- Farms & businesses install barn quilts as part of their promotion strategies
- People paint & install barn quilts as part of their outdoor gardening & landscaping projects

We want to make a trail all around the Rural Ottawa landscape and we're inviting YOU to participate in one of two ways:

Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail 
Must be within the Osgoode Ward;
Must be clearly visible to public;
Must make use of colours in a creative way;
Must be at least 8’x8’ (required dimensions from Ontario Barn Quilt Trail is 8' x '8 and up)
Must be weatherproof and permanent
Step 1: Register your project here

Step 2: Have a look at resources online on how to build your own barn quilt & plan out your design

Step 3: Gather your materials

Step 4: Build your panel & paint your design

Step 5: Install your barn quilt in a visible location

Step 6: Share a photo of your barn quilt with us so that we can put you on the map!


To see the Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail on the Ontario Barn Quilt Trail website click here!

Rural Ottawa Barn Quilt Trail interactive map is here! Click here to access the map, and enjoy a scenic experience! A great way to explore Osgoode Ward by car!

Use our ROBQT brochure as you explore the barn quilts.