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Book   Title  Author 
For Home and Country Ambrose, Linda M.
Thomas Davies in Early Canada Hubbard, R.H.
Garden of Dreams von Baeyer, Edwinna
Cooking In Old Rideau Kitchens Audrey Renton
The Western Hemisphere Before   1492 Stuart S. Seaman
William Van Horne Stephen Mayles
Wheels Begin to Turn Alfreda Hall
An Old Codger's Favorite Poems Bob Usher
The Selkirk Settlers in Real   Life MacBeth
The Widening Sphere, Women In   Canada 1870-1940  
Historical Outline of the   Borough of New York  
The Simcoe Papers Vol. V Ontario Historical Society
Pioneering in New York Hart, Patricia W.
Dr. M. W. Locke Carter, J. Smyth
Ghost Towns of Ontario Brown, Ron
City Parks In Canada Martin & Segrave
Explosion In Halifax Harbour David B. Flemming
Burden of Desire Robert MacNeil
Grenville Patron Mutual Fire   Insurance Company Gerald M. Snyder
The Great Hunger Cecil Woodham-Smith
Catholic Education and Politics in Upper Canada Walker, Franklin A.
The Library Book Phil Jenkins
Blacks in Deep Snow Thomson, Colin A.
Country Post Amyot and Willis
Rideau Waterway Legget
Destiny Called To Them Beverly Baxter
Hope and it's Port East Durham Historical Society
Explorations in the History of   Canadian Mapping  
The   Illustrated Library of the World and It's People United Kingdom Ireland  
England Through the Looking   Glass  
Ireland Personally Yours  
100th Anniversary ATU Local   279 Transit  
Canadian Geographic  
On A Sunday Afternoon  
Building the Rideau Canal: A   Pictorial History Passfield, Robert W.
Reflections of the South   Nation Watershed Coyne, Patrick
Binbook The Way We Were  
The Formative Years Canada   1812-1877  
Grosse Ile Gateway to Canada O' Gallagher, Marianna
Robert's Rules of Order  
The Battle over Bilingualism Doern, Russell
A History of Fairs in Ontario  
Ontario   Historic Sites, Museums and Plaques  
Footpaths to Freeways  
Historical Sketches of Ontario   1975- 1977  
James FitzGibbon McKenzie  
Bibliography of Modern Presses G. S. Tomkinson
 Ontario - The Pioneer Years  
Pre-Confederation Health Care   in Bytown Mike Nelles
Reports Bureau of Industries   for Ontario 1887-1892  
The Ontario Register Vol. 1-6  
Profiles of a Province Ontario Historical Society
The Buildings In Canada Environment Canada
Ontario an Informal History Ministry of Education
Ontario Heritage, A   Celebration of Conservation  
Historic Ontario, "Old   Upper Canada"  
Ontario History Vol. LI- XCIX   1959-2007  
Pioneer   Families of the Gloucester Quarries in Eastern Ontario Robert Serré
Gloucester From Past to   Present  
Milk/Cream   Producers and Distributors in Gloucester 1892-1975 Grace Johnston
Ramsayville Cemetery  
Navan Fair Prize Lists  
St. George Anglican Cemetery  
Goulbourn Memories Goulbourn Township Historical   Society
Richmond 139th Annual Fair  
Munster Union Cemetery   Goulbourn Township Elizabeth M. Gordon
St. Paul's United Church   Cemetery Richmond, Ontario Edna Armstrong
75 Years Metcalfe Fair Curling   Aclub 1925 - 2000  
From Ireland to Osgoode Michael Daley
Strolling Through Kenmore - -   - Through the Years Len Lemoine
Vernon Yesterday and To-Day  
Reflections of Kenmore   Continuation School  
Marvelville   1986: A Tribute Booklet to our Pioneer Ancestors  
From   Then to Now, 1880 - 1980 Commemorative Booklet  
Manotick 100 Years Centennial   1859 - 1959  
Book of Crerar Letters  
Vernon Then and Now  
Vernon Yesterday and To-Day  
The Vernon Public School S.S.   20 1882  
Osgoode   township Historical Society and Museum, A Brief Review of the First 10 Years  
Remembering Osgoode Baptist  
100th   Anniversary St. Paul's Anglican Church 1886 - 1986  
Growning Up On the Castor   River  
Engineer's Report MacCaul   Creek Municipal Drain  
150 and   Counting: The History of the Metcalfe Agricultural Society 1856 - 2006  
Snow Plow Extra  
Osgoode Township Directories  
Three Osgoode Township   Phonebooks  
From Them Till Now Osgoode   Village  
Osgoode Township Historical   Society Histories  
The Ottawa Winter Fair   1903-1996 Henry Heald
Giants of Canada's Ottawa   Valley Joan Finnigan
History of the Ottawa Valley  
City on the Ottawa  
Some of the Stories I Told You   Were True Joan Finnigan
A Portrait of the Nation's   Capital, Ottawa  
Cumberland Heritage  
Ottawa   Citizen Calendar 2000 "A Historical Look At Ottawa"  
Ottawa & Hull A Short   History  
1836-1845   Bytown Gazette Abstracts of Births, Deaths and Marriages Neelin
Early Days in the Ottawa   Country  
Archives and Manuscripts Edwin Welch
100 Years Ottawa and the   Valley Walker
Early Ottawa Valley Records Crowder
Heritage Canals Parks Canada
Directory of Family Names  
Hello Nepean Sara B. Craig
March Past  
Carp Fair Class A Prize List  
Leeds and Grenville Branch   News and Views Ontario Genealogical Society
Families of Leeds and   Grenville Vol. 2,3 Ontario Genealogical Society
Sheldon Cemetery Stuart and Conners
Highland Heritage  
Pioneer People and Places   Early Grenville Vol. 2-6,12,1 Grenville County Historical Society
South Gower Cemetery  
Morrisburg Collegiate   Institute Calendars 1900-1902  
Historic Sketch Dalesville   Baptist Church  
St. Andrew's West (RC) Parish   Register  Ontario Genealogical Society
Burritt's Rapids 1793-1900  
History of Inkerman United   Church  
Kemptville Centennial 1957  
Russell   Chamber of Commerce Business Directory Fall 2000  
Historical   Sketch of Russell St. Andrew's Presbyterian Congregation 1845-1925  
Historical Review of   Winchester Township  
A Walking Tour of Early   Manotick  
Manotick United Church A   History  
Knox Presbyterian Church   Centennial   
King of the Rideau Cathering L. Carroll
A History of Long Island   Manotick 1827-1997 Rideau Township Historical Society
Manotick United Church   1903-1963  
A Heritage Tour of Old   Manotick Rideau Township Historical Society
Financial Statement South   Gower Fank Latourell
The Dickinson Ditty  
Dickinson's Diary June 1990   Manotick, Upper Canada  
Ottawa-Carleton   This Month Rideau Township Heritage Issue  
What's   Where A Guide to the Record of Rideau Township and it's Communities 1791-1989  
Rideau Township Roads   1800-1925 Kathleen M. James
Index of   Personal Names Appearing in "Kars on the Rideau" David G. Coderre
Elmview   Cemetery, Kars Ontario Genealogical Society
1991   Historical Calendar  
Frontenac, Lennox and   Addington C. W. Cooper
Valley Views Nicol Mackie
A   Narrative of the Rise & Progress of Emigration, from the Counties of   Lanark and Renfrew Robert Lamond
The Old   Methodist Burying Ground in the Town of Perth, Lanark County  
Development   of the Woolen Industry in Lanark, Renfrew and Carleton Counties North Lanark Historical Society
Pakenham 1823-1860 Verma Ross Mc Giffin
Pioneer History of the County   of Lanark Jean S. Mc Gill
The Story of Derry George Edward Kidd
Exploring Our Heritage, The   Ottawa Valley Experience  
Diary of Rev. John Mac Donald   Priest of Perth  
1836 Census  
Beckwith United Cemeteries   Vol. II Maplewood Ontario Genealogical Society
Kennedy Cemetery Lanark County Ontario Genealogical Society
Highland Line Cemetery Lanark   County Ontario Genealogical Society
1851   Census of Renfrew County Vol. 2 Stafford & Pembroke Mitchell
Grattan Township Yesterday and   Today Employment and Immigration   Canada
Exploring Our Heritage, The   Ottawa Valley Experience  
Scottish Settlers to Bathurst   and Area  
Pittsburgh Township 1851 -   1852 Census  
Pittsburgh Township 1861   Census  
Who's Where At Queens 1948 -   1949  
The Seigneurs of Old Canada Munro
Clarendon and Shawville J. Lloyd Armstrong
Up the Gatineau Vol.   3,5-7,9,11,14-18,22  
My Life and Times in the Bush J. E. Boyle
Richard   Thompson, the Scarf and the Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery Phillips
Daleville Public Cemetery Ontario Genealogical Society
Grand Cafresniere Presbyterian   Cemetery  
Hall's Cemetery Ontario Genealogical Society
Scotch Road Cemetery Ontario Genealogical Society
St. Stephen's Old Chelsea   Québec Ontario Genealogical Society
St. James Anglican Cemetery   Gravestone Inscriptions Ontario Genealogical Society
St. Andrew's East Protestant   Cemetery Le Rossignol and Redmille
A Loyalist Guide To the Mohawk   Valley  
Early Canadian Marriages In   Erie County, New York  
Chemung County Historical   Center  
The Netherlands in Brief  
The   Canadian Company and the Huron Tract, 1826 - 1853 Robert C. Lee
City on   the Ottawa  
History   of the Ottawa Valley Gourlay, J.L.
The   McCabe List Bruce Elliott
A   Pioneer History of the County of Lanark McGill
Pakenham   1823 - 1860  
Leeds   and Grenville  Ruth McKenzie
The   Ottawa County  
The   Picture Gallery of Canadian History Vol.2  C. W. Jefferys
Pioneer   Days in Upper Canada Guillet
Carleton   County 1879  
Glengarry   - Stormont Pioneers Mika
Glengarry   - Stormont Pioneers  
Loyalist   Lineages of Canada 1783 - 1983  
The   Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada 1784 - 1855 Lucille H. Campey
In Good   Company Elizabeth Irving, Betty Cooper
The   MacLeods of Glengarry  
From   Swamp and Shanty Stanley, Wendell M.
Twigs   From the Oaks and Other Trees D.G Cameron
The   Hidden Tragedy of the Smiths Falls Heritage House Joshua Bates
Broad   Gauge in the Ottawa Valley Wayne Tasse
Pacific   Extension Wayne Tasse
Kars on   the Rideau  
Giants   of Canada's Ottawa Valley Joan Finnigan
Some of   the Stories I Told You Were True Joan Finnigan
Carleton   Saga Walker
Carleton   Saga Harry and Olive Walker
Winchester,   Ontario 1888 - 1988  
Pioneers   of Grandview and District  
The   Wiliam Kelly Story 1802 - 1870  
Up The   Line, More Portraits of the Ottawa Valley Steve Evans
Mizgiiyaakwaa   - Tibelh Lakefield. A Look at it's Heritage  
Butternuts   and Maple Sugar E. MacMillan
Calf   Club 1932 - 1934 Osgoode/Gloucester  
Trillium   Vista 200 Poems Ruth E. Scharfe
The   Evidence Never Lies Alfred Lewis and Leon Mac Donell
Memoirs   of Reverend J. Samuel Schwerdtfeger Hazel Mae Schwerdtfeger
The Way   It Was Rowat C. Swerdfeger
Windows   on Life James Bandford McKendry
Just   Being Around C. H. Dawes
Fond   Memories Art Mussell
We   Called Her Betty. The Life of Catherine Elizabeth Foley Jean Foley
The   Crossing. The Cross Family From the East Midlands to Eastern Ontario Clarence Cross
A Family   Portrait Avalon Grace Hicks
Valour   Remembered Canada and the First World War Government of Canada Veterans   Affairs
Valour   Remembered Canada and the Second World War Government of Canada Veterans   Affairs
Valour   Remembered Canada In Korea Government of Canada Veterans   Affairs
Thoughts   of Our Canadian Soldiers At War Brain Jones
Home to   Mother Mary Lawrence
Who Gets   the Car Tonight Chris Sergel
Survivors  Ministry of Culture and   Communications
Remembering   Hill 187 Korea Ed Niekarz
Canada   Netherlands Remembrance Series Veterans Affairs Canada
padres   in No Man's Land Duff Crerar
Mac Nab   Hamilton's Premier Donald R. Beer
In Our   Defence Volume 1 & 2 Coreen Atkins-Sheldrick
Boys,   Bombs and Brussels Sprouts Harvey, John Douglas
D-Day   Spearhead of Invasion R. W. Thompson
Their   Finest Hour. The Story of the Battle of Britain 1940 Edward Bishop
D-Day Brigadier Peter Young
Battle   of Britain Norman Franks
Battle   of the Bulge John Pimlott
The   Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War II Vol. 1  
Imperial   Oil Review Telling Canada's Story Imperial Oil
Air   force Special Anniversary Issue Fall 1998  
The   Quilt I.D. Book Judy Rehmel 
Normandy;   The Search for Sidney Thomas J. Bates and Eric Lummis
Men of   Upper Canada Militia Nominal Rolls 1828-29 Ontario Genealogical Society
Eaton's   1975 Fall Sale Catalogue Eaton's
Eaton's   1976 Spring and Summer Catalogue  Eaton's
Eaton's   1975 Fall and Winter Catalogue Eaton's
The T.   Eaton Co. LTD Spring and Summer Catalogue Eaton's
1908   Sears Roebuck Catalogue   
Followin'   The Furrows. A History of Plowing In Carleton County Gorgina Tupper
Your   Forests Vol. 8, 9, 11  
Canadian   Forestry. The View Beyond the Trees Chas. R. Stanton
Ontario   Museum Association Quarterly 5 Volumes Ontario Museum Association
Farm   Museum Directory  
M. W.   Locke Robert Jackson MD
Farm   Legends Will Carleton
Farm   Ballads Will Carleton
City   Ballads Will Carleton
City   Legends Will Carleton
City   Festivals Will Carleton
Traditional   Singers and Songs From Ontario Edith Fowke
Canadian   Gazetteer Wm. H. Smith
Grenville   Patron Mutual Fire Insurance Company A Century Service  
The Art   and Mystery of Brewing In Ontario Ian Bowering
Molson   The Molson's In Canada The First 200 Years  
Early   Canadian Glass Gerald Stevens
Collection,   Use and Care of Historical Photographs Robert Weinstein and Larry Booth
National   Photography Collection Public Archives Canada
Kresge's   katalog of 5¢ and 10¢ Merchandise  
Ontario   Soda Water Bottles  M. Carter and J. Hostetler
The   Standard  
Selected   Canadian Spinning Wheels in Perspective an Analytical Approach Judith Buxton-Keenlyside
Antique   Iron Identification and Values Kathryn Mc Nerney
A Museum   of early American Tools Eric Sloane
Farm   Inventions in the Making of America Paul C. Johnson
Old Ways   of Working Wood Alex W. Bealer
The   History of Woodworking Tools W. L. Goodman
A   Heritage of Canadian handicrafts H. Gordon Green
Costume   History and Style Russell
The   Godey lady Doll  Charlotte Eldridge
Handy   Things To Have Around The House Mc Graw-Hill and Ryson
All   About Canadian Beds Elizabeth Ingolfsrud
All   About Canadian Chests Elizabeth Ingolfsrud
All   About Canadian Chairs Elizabeth Ingolfsrud
The   Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture Howard Pain
The   Furniture of Old Ontario Philip Shackleton
Lamps   and Other Lighting devices 1850-1906  
Shop   Drawing of Shaker Furniture and Woodenware Ejner Handberg
The   Early Furniture of French Canada Jean Palardy
The Care   and Keeping of Antiques Epsie Kinard
Mary   Queen of Scots  
Early   Clothing in Southern Ontario Eileen Collard
Price   Guide For Depression Glass Sandra Mc Phee Stout
The   Complete Practical Book of Country Crafts Hill, Jack
Newsletters: Gatineau Valley   Historical Society  
Newsletters: The Historical   Society of Ottawa  
Newsletters: Miscellaneous  
Newsletters: The Diefenbunker  
OHS Bulletin  
Ontario Museum Association   Newsletter vol.28, No. 1  
Anglo-Celtic Roots Vol.   2,11,12,13  
Ottawa Branch News Index 1970   - 1987  
Ottawa Branch News Vol. 26,   28, 33, 35  
OGS 'Families' Series  
1991 Genealogical Research   Directory  
Discovering Your Community  
Approaching Ontario's Path  
Lost Names and Places of   Eastern Ontario  
Vital Records in Ontario   Before 1869  
Checklist of Parish Registers   1981  
How to Trace Your Loyalist   Ancestors  
Tracing Your Ottawa Family City of Ottawa Archives
Searching Your Family Roots in   Ireland  
County Atlases of Canada: A   Descriptive Catalogue  
Searching in the Public   Archives John E. Coderre
Using Maps in Tracing Your   Family History Betty H. Kidd
Parish   Registers in the Public Archives and National Library  
Lochiel Parish Register   1820/1884  
Ontario Genealogical Society   Seminar 2000  
Grande Prairie Capitol of the   Peace  
Some   Ontario References and Sources for the Family Historian  
Surnames 1977  
Surnames 1982  
Land Titles Registration in   Canada and the U.S.A Steacy
GiggleSwick 1558 - 1669  
GiggleSwick 1669 - 1769  
A Few Acres of Snow  
Look Again Canadian Museum of Contemporary   Photgraphy
Cemetaries as Living   Landscapes  
Directory   of Family Names Ontario Genealogical Society
Tracing   Your Ancestors Ireland  
Armorial   Families Arthur Charles Fox-Davies
Your   Irish Ancestors J. Anderson Black
Irish   County Maps Showing the Locations of Churches 4 Volumes   
Cille   Choinnich Lagan Pre 1900 Gravestone Inscriptions Mac Donell and Mac Farlane
Cille   Choirill  
Searching   Your Family Roots in Ireland D. I. Huges
Tracing   Family Folder  
Irish   Families, Their Names, Arms and Origins Edward MacLysaght
Ontario   Genealogical Society Membership List 1971  
Genealogy   and Heraldry  
Ontario   Genealogical Society Directory of Family Names  
Ontario   Genealogical Society Directory of Surnames  
Surnames   Supplement for 1978  
Surnames   Supplement for 1979  
Using   Maps in Tracing Your Family History Betty H. Kidd
Genealogical   Sources at the Public Archives of Canada  
Checklist   of Parish Register 1981 Public Archives Canada
Directory   of Heritage Organizations and Institutes in Ontario  
Family   Chronicle  
Chasing   Grandma Barbra Young
Ontario   Genealogical Society Seminar Proceedings  
Meyer's   Directory of Genealogical Societies in the U.S.A and Canada 1990 Steacy
Archive   Association of Ontario Off The Record  
Canadian   Genealogist Vol. 2 No. 2 1980  
Handbook   on Irish Genealogy  
The   Scottish Genealogy Society August 1978  
Four   Families Spence, Lancaster, Cochrane, Kidd  
Inventory   of Recorded Cemeteries in Ontario 1983  
Families   Vol. 20 No. 3 1981  
Searching   for Your Ancestors in Canada  Baker
Tracing   Your Ancestors in Canada ( 3 books)  
Scots   Kith and Kin  
Approaching   Ontario's Past Numbers 1,3,7  
1995   Genealogical Research Directory Johnson and Sainty
Our   Heritage Walks ( 7 books)  
Annotated   Bibliography of Genealogical Works in Canada vol. 1-6  
The Simcoe Papers Vol. 1-4  
Final   Report Select Committee on Ontario in Confederation February 1992  
Rulers and Governments of the   World, Volume 2  
Ottawa City Directory 1936,   1948  
Carleton County Marriages 1869   - 1873  
The 1851 Census of Carleton   County vol. IV  
The Carp   Review and Carleton County Advertiser 1938 - 1940  
Stormont   ^ Dundas ^ Glengarry ^ Prescott ^ Russell  
Census Returns 1666 - 1881  
Roll Of   Honour  
Our Heroes in the Great World   War  
Thrilling Experiences in the   War in South Africa  
Pictorial History of the Great   War S.J. Duncan-Clark
City of Toronto Roll of Honour  
In Rememberance Township of   Osgoode  
The National Flag of Canada