Church Records


Church Records




All Saints Church (Anglican), Greely - Deeds/Miscellaneous Notes

All Saints Anglican Church – Photo

HolyTrinityChurch(Anglican), Metcalfe – Misc. Notes

Holy Trinity Anglican Church – Photo

St.   George’sAnglican Church – Miscellaneous Notes

St.   George’sAnglican Church,Vernon– Photo

St Mary’s Anglican Church, Russell – Clippings, Misc.

St.   Paul’s Church (Anglican), Osgoode – Deeds & Misc. Notes

  St.   Paul’s Anglican Church - Photo




CastorValleyBaptistChurch,Kenmore– Photo

KenmoreBaptistChurch– Historical Sketches

KenmoreBaptistChurch– Members

KenmoreBaptistChurch– Subscription Lists

LeonardBaptistChurch– Minute Book (Original Document)

OrmondBaptistChurch–Historical Sketches

OrmondBaptistChurch– Members List

OrmondBaptistChurch– Marriages 1896-1973


OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Anniversaries (100, 125, 150 years etc.)

OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Deeds 1844/ 1867/ 1910/ 1911

OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Explorers 1969-1973

OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Historic Sketches & Pictures

OsgoodeBaptistChurch–Membership Rolls 1866-1875

OsgoodeBaptistChurch- Membership Roll 1975 (Original Document)

OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Parsonage

OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Photo

OsgoodeBaptistChurch– Women’s Missionary Society Subscribers

OsgoodeBaptistChurch- “Ye Gueste Booke” (Original Document)




Miscellaneous Notes




Early Methodist


MetcalfeMethodistChurch– Burials 1902-1962

MetcalfeMethodistChurch– Circuit Register 1858-1875

MetcalfeMethodistChurch– Circuit Register 1881-1885

MetcalfeMethodistChurch– Minute Book

MetcalfeMethodistChurch– Pictures/Deeds 1834-1851

MetcalfeMethodistChurch– Records 1915-1916

MetcalfeMethodistChurch- Rolls 1900, 1902

MetcalfeMethodistChurch- Rolls 1916

MethodistChurch– Marriages 1897-1923

MethodistChurch– Marriages 1902-1923, 1950

MethodistChurch– Official Board Records 1897-1910




Church Expense Ledger (Original Document)

Church Miscellaneous –OttawaCarleton Documents

Clergy Reserves, 1818/ 1837

Kingsway Christian Church, Metcalfe

Lane Adams Crusade

MetcalfeHolinessChurch– Photo

Osgoode United/Baptist/Presbyterian Church,Vernon– Co-op Agreement

Religious Life of Osgoode Pioneers I

Religious Life of Osgoode Pioneers II

Rev. Daniel McPhail

Rev. James C. Stuart

OntarioCouncil of Christian Education Record Book (Original Document)

Osgoode Bible Chapel - Photo

TrinityBibleChurch– File

TrinityBibleChurch- Photo

Women’s Missionary Society - Minute Book 1949 (Original Document)

Women’s Missionary Society – Minute Book 1957 (Original Document)




Mormons – Church Roll 1846-1855




ParkwayRoadPentecostalChurch, Formerly Edwards Pentecostal – File

ParkwayRoadPentecostalChurch- Photo




KenmorePresbyterian Church

Kenmore & Marvelville Presbyterian Church – Baptismal Records

Knox Presbyterian Church – Communion Register 1915-1921

Metcalfe Presbyterian Church – Communion Records 1887-1926

Metcalfe Presbyterian Church – Minutes 1874-1908

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Births & Baptisms 1875-1886

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Communicants

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Communion Attendance 1860

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Early History

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – History

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Marriages 1897-1955

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Miscellaneous

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Photo

Osgoode Presbyterian Church - Records

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Register

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Rolls 1863-1867

Osgoode Presbyterian Church – Seating Plan

Presbyterian Church – Baptisms 1832-1858

Presbyterian Church – Baptisms 1858-1875

Presbyterian Church – Marriages

Presbyterian Church – Petitions 1834-1836

Presbyterian Church ofCanada– Centennial

Presbyterian College Journals (in envelope)

Presbyterian Ministers – History

Presbyterian – Miscellaneous

Russell Presbyterian Church – Miscellaneous

St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Marvelville

Tyendenaca Presbyterian Church – Rolls 1862-1893

VernonPresbyterian Church - Calendars

VernonPresbyterian Church – History


Roman Catholic

Roman Catholic Deeds

Roman Catholic Miscellaneous

St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church - Miscellaneous

St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church – Photo

St. Catherine’s Roman Catholic Church - Miscellaneous

St. Catherine ofSienaRoman Catholic Church – Photo

St. John’sRoman Catholic Church – Miscellaneous Pictures

St.John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church – Photo

St. Leonard’s Roman Catholic Church – History




Inkerman United Church – History

FitzroyHarbourUnited Church – History

Harmony United Church,Winchester– Clippings

KenmoreUnited Church – Miscellaneous

Knox United Church – History

Knox Edwards United Church – Photo

Manotick United Church – History 1978

Metcalfe St. Andrew’sUnitedChurch– Photo

Metcalfe United Church – History

Metcalfe United Church – Marriages 1925-1938

South GloucesterUnited Church – Booklet

St. Andrew’sUnitedChurch– Records

St. Andrew’sUnitedChurch– Trustee Board 1927, 1929, 1953

St. Andrew’s &St. Paul’s United Churches, Russell – Clippings

St. James United Church - Misc.

St. James United Church – Photo

St.   Paul’sUnitedChurch– Photo

Trinity United Church,Kars–History

U.C.W. Vernon

United Church Expense Ledger 1928-1932 (Original Document)

United Church Ledger 1927-1928 (Original Document)

United Churches, Various

VernonUnited Church – 1930-1944 Cash Account

VernonUnited Church – History

Wesleyville United Church

WinchesterUnited Church – Clippings