Not Diggin' It: How a local farm is shaking things up and taking strides towards sustainability

In June of 2019, Jaymie Thurler and her partner Robbie bought a beaten up 150 year old homestead in the sleepy little town where they were both born. Neighbours have described the location as “One of the prettiest dairies around back in her day.”

Since then they’ve built Rutabaga Ranch, a bio-diverse farming business that both supports educating their community and the health of their soil. In this talk Jaymie from Rutabaga Ranch will be hanging out to talk about how she stumbled into becoming a vegetable farmer, the importance of local food, and how supporting small farms is one way we can make great strides toward saving the planet.

This talk is available on YouTube here!

Join us for this free Talk on February 24th at 7:00pm on Zoom through Eventbrite. To register, click here.