Museum Talks: Linking the Land: Kekekons Family Story

Museum Talk presented by Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin - Algonquin Way Cultural Centre and Historian Jane Cooper

About this event

This virtual talk in partnership with Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin - The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre and local historian Jane Cooper will presents a history of the Algonquin people of Pikwàkanagàn and the connections to the Kekekons family who lived in Metcalfe in the 1850s. What do the historical records tell us about this family? Who were they? How did they live? Where did they go? Where are their descendants now?

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About the Speakers

Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin The Algonquin Way Cultural Centre

The Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin mission is to revitalize, reintegrate, enhance and protect the cultural traditions, customs, practices, heritage, language and arts of the Algonquins of Pikwakangan First Nation.

 Omàmiwininì Pimàdjwowin is both a Not-for-Profit Corporation and a Registered Charity, established in 2002 through consultation with the First Nation's membership and agreement with the Council of the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation, as a way to meet the community's need for restoring our Cultural Traditions.


Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper is a researcher and writer. Undertaking government policy research by day, by night she escapes into the history of the early 20th century. Jane has worked on several well-known local history projects including some in partnership with the Osgoode Museum. Private Sully Goes to War, as well as A Historical Tour of 1900 Metcalfe, just to name a few.